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Electoral Soap Opera

Next season
of the Soap Opera
has arrived.
After a five years wait;
The Rich and powerful
Will be visible in the streets again.
At your door steps;
Wearing colours,
Singing and dancing,
Shouting and howling,
Crying and laughing,
A bunch of extraordinary performers
Will show their skills.
Only to confound the
Confusion called ‘democracy’.
You always had the choice between;
The devil and the deep sea.
And you will again choose one of them.
And what you always ignored is that,
They all come from the same source;
Their master is invisible but one.
They live in the same castle.
They are from the same family.
Heartless homo sapiens,
With the same DNA.
After the show,
They will all go back
To the same ceremony,
To receive their Oscars,
For the best actor, best director,
Best clown, best villain,
And for every act that contributed
To the industry called ‘politiks’.



The above lines have no relation to anyone living or dead. This is just a piece of fiction and art out of my imagination and only for entertainment. Do not stretch your imagination to compare this with any real situation.

However I shall be solely responsible if this touches anywhere your conscience and helps to make you a better human being.

-Ajay Veer Singh

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